Revealed: A helicopter to bait up!

Could this be the future of bait delivery? Or is it a case of technology going too far in the sport? That’s the question being asked this week following the launch of the first ever radio controlled flying machine specifically designed for baiting up.

The Helibaits HB06 was developed by a French company to overcome the problem of fishing extremely weedy lakes where bait boats can’t be used effectively.

Drone technology has become increasingly popular within fishing in the last couple of years with quadcopters being used to capture aerial video footage and images of lakes but this is the first example of it being used for baiting up and rig placement.

Capable of carrying just over half a kilo of bait at a time, it is equipped with the latest GPS stabilisation technology allowing easy control and it can be flown in winds up to 45km/h.

And if you need to bait up at night it even features LEDs with adjustable brightness.
Controlled via a remote control by the angler12 on the bank bait can be deposited with extreme accuracy through the special release system on the base.

The Helbaits HB06 isn’t cheap, however, costing €1,690 and it is currently only available through French website

Although extremely popular among carpers and specimen hunters, bait boats have divided opinion among anglers for years with many singing their praises while others claim they are ‘cheating’. And the Helibaits HB06 looks set to be no different, especially with fans of the Angling Times Facebook page with the majority stating they wouldn’t use one.

To watch a video of it in action seach ‘Helibaits’ in YouTube.

What you said on Facebook:

Anthony Wood - It's nice to see the technological advances in our sport but for me fishing is about minimal technology. Even my rigs are basic rigs I much prefer to put myself against the fish instead of technology against the fish.

Richie Martin - Watercraft turns into aircraft! this is such an uncultured, unskilful and desperate development to our sport! strikes me that 'anglers' who would use this method of baiting are fishing for the wrong reasons! Where is the satisfaction or sense of achievement?

Paul Nufc Forth – Cheating all the way, takes the skill out of fishing.

Derek Anderson – What difference does it make whether you bait up by hand, boat or helicopter? You are still luring the fish to your spot.

James Taylor – Takes the fun out of it. I prefer to do everything myself.

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