Record-holder turns back on big carp weights

“I used to be all about big weights of carp, but record-breaking nets don’t interest me anymore –they’re not what fishing is about and the reason why I won’t overstock my lakes.”

These are the words of former five-hour UK match record holder Steve Gregory, who has realised his dream and is developing a five-lake complex in Lincolnshire, based on the ethos of ‘quality not quantity’.

Steve, who was a pioneer in the big-weight revolution at highly-stocked commercial stillwaters and held the five-hour match record on three separate occasions with a best of 414lb 14oz, is now of the opinion that many match and pleasure anglers no longer crave bulging nets of carp.

He told Angling Times that Miracle Baits Rushfield Lakes, will provide bites all day long thanks to a liberal stocking of F1 carp to compliment a variety of silverfish and bigger carp. But he insists that a carefully monitored stocking programme and a list of rules that includes a total ban of the use of luncheon meat, will ensure that his complex will become one of the most consistent and popular in the UK.

“Catching huge weights requires skill, but it becomes more about ‘catching’ than it does fishing and that’s not where the sport’s future should be heading. It’s certainly not what my fishery is going to be about,” Steve told Angling Times.

“The majority of match anglers love having to work at their peg and think about their fishing, so that’s what I’m going to give them.”

Steve is currently running matches on the Canal Lake and the remaining four lakes, which will offer species such as, bream, tench, roach, skimmers and specimen carp, are currently under development.

Neil Grantham, who owns the award-winning Lindholme Lakes near Doncaster has been offering help and advice to Steve to ensure that his new venture is a success.

“The fishery will be a hit because Steve’s a top angler and not just someone who knows nothing about the sport and wants to fill lakes full of fish for guys to pile in bait and haul out huge weights of carp,” said Neil.

To find out more about the fishery email Steve at: or search for Miracle Baits Rushfield Lakes on Facebook.