Record-breaking canal stocking

A record-breaking stocking has kicked off a nation-wide strategy to improve sport on the UK’s network of canals.

The Canal & River Trust has released details of its new ‘redistribution plan’ that involves the netting of fish from un-fished stretches of canal and then relocated to club and day-ticket sections where anglers can directly benefit.

The initiative is already well underway and a Milton Keynes Angling Association controlled stretch of the Grand Union Canal has already benefitted from ‘its biggest boost in living memory’ with the introduction  of over £5,000 worth of roach to 1lb 8oz, specimen perch, skimmers and rudd.

“This is without doubt the biggest single stocking our canal has ever received and there are some really big roach and perch among them,” said MKAA’s Chairman, Trevor Johnson.

“It’s great news for club and day-ticket anglers because there are so many stretches out there that have been given up but are full of quality fish that are of no benefit to anyone. That’s all going to change now.”

As well as numerous more stockings planned for 2014, the organisation has also commissioned a research specialist to personally speak to each of the 220 clubs on the CRT’s nation-wide network in order to find out how angling can be improved.

“We really want to be in touch with the clubs and associations, as well as the anglers that belong to them, to ensure that we offer them the best support we can. This will not only improve sport in the short term, but also secure the future of canal angling,” said CRT Angling and Fisheries manager John Elllis.

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