Rare tuna worth £1m floating off Cornish coast

A rare tuna fish said to be worth £1m was towed onto a Cornish beach after a group of kayakers found it floating in the sea.

The fish, believed to be a bluefin tuna weighing around 300lb, was discovered just 400yds from the shore at Kingsand, Cornwall by a group of university students on a kayak trip. The find by the five friends - Charlotte Chambers, Shauna Creamer, Hannah Ford, Sarah Little and Laura Pickervance - was reported to the authorities after locals and fishermen flocked to the beach to witness it.

Despite the huge price tag, which was later estimated by experts the tuna will not be sold and has since been donated to University of Exeter where it will be used for study purposes.

The species is currently listed as critically endangered but UK shark expert and experienced sea angler Dave Turner believes the fish aren’t as rare in the UK as people think: “Blue Fin sightings are reported by skippers quite often in the channel, off Wales, Ireland and Scotland every year” he said.

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