Predation Action Group set to mount legal bid

The Predation Action Group (PAG) has taken its ‘most important step forward’ in addressing fish-eating predators by beginning legal action and challenges to the law.

Members of the voluntary organisation recently agreed that £10,000 of funds are to be allocated for the exercise. The PAG is also looking for financial support from donators and the trade to help fund this further. Its five years since the inception of the organisation and board member Rob Hughes said: “Currently there are a lot of grey areas in wildlife legislation in respect of certain predators, licencing, protection of fisheries and the responsibilities of certain authorities. We’re seeking clarification on exactly what is legally possible and if it is we’ll challenge it. Everybody shrugs their shoulders and says that there is ‘nothing you can do’ about some predators but that’s not the case. The PAG wants the extent of the law to assist in protecting fisheries,” he revealed.

It is also looking at alternative sources of funding for otter fencing than the ‘wholly inadequate’ Environment Agency fund. For more information on how to support the PAG visit

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