Prebaiting lands Peach at 40lb 2oz from Acton Burnell Top Lake

Luke Edwards reaped the rewards of a month long prebaiting campaign with the capture of this 40lb 2oz mirror from the Acton Burnell Top Lake.

The Wolverhampton-based rod had been baiting several spots around the 17-acre Shropshire venue with a mixture of Mainline Essential Cell, Hybrid and Cell freezer baits, and waiting for the weather conditions to be spot on before actually fishing over any of them.

Arriving first thing in the morning, the majority of the day passed without event but at 6pm a few fish started showing close to one of the areas he’d baited up.
“I quickly recast all of my rods to the area where I’d seen the fish,” Luke told Angling Times. “Nothing happened for the next couple of hours but then my right-hand rod let out a single bleep before exploding in to life. After a very nervous battle I saw the frame of very large fish coming towards the net and I managed to scoop her up on the first attempt.

“Once I’d weighed her I called the bailiff to come and take the pictures and we recognised the fish as one known as Peaches.”

Luke took the fish on a snowman rig consisting of a Mainline Baits Cell bottom bait tipped with a Fruitella pop-up fished helicopter style on a size 4 Fox Kuro hook, a 25lb Camotex Soft hooklink and a 3oz flat pear lead.