Prebaiting brings home a brace of 34lb mirror carp

Finding a productive coldwater spot paid off in style for Wes Prowton as he banked a brace of 34lb mirrors during a five-fish hit.

The 27-year-old targeted an Oxfordshire stillwater and reaped the rewards of a prebaiting campaign to take two thirties alongside three commons of 22lb, 24lb and 26lb in a three-night session.

The Burford angler said: “I knew the fish would be starting to group up and I knew if I kept introducing bait into this spot that they would come across it.

“I’ve been properly fishing this venue for about two years and this is probably my best session on there. There are still a couple more fish I want to catch out of there, though.”

Wes fished at 86 yards and had the first 34-pounder at 3.10am on the first night. One of the smaller commons followed at 8am, and less than half an hour later he had the other 34lb mirror in the net.

“I’ve been using bog-standard tactics – just simple blowback rigs – and concentrating on finding where the fish will be,” said Wes, “when they start to group up in the colder weather it’s likely that if you have one bite you can get another and that’s why I fished two rods tight on the spot.”

Wes put 3kg of 16mm Sticky Krill boilies over the area and fished matching hookbaits on rigs made with Korda components.

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