Perseverance pays off with a 31lb 8oz mirror

Four days in the wind and rain were made worthwhile for Neil Byne as he hooked into this new personal-best mirror carp.

The Sussex rod caught the 31lb 8oz specimen from Bury Hill Fishery in Surrey shortly after adjusting the position of one of his rigs.

The 43-year-old driving instructor said: “We had been fishing since Saturday but despite a few laps of the lake hadn’t seen anything by Monday, so we were thinking of moving. In the end we decided to stay put and I chose to re-position one of my hookbaits.

“I cast it closer to the edge of the island, just to try something different, and at 1.30pm it ripped off. To begin with I wasn’t sure how big it was – even when I saw it I thought it was probably a mid-twenty, but it pulled the scales round to 31lb 8oz which is a new best mirror having been stuck on 27lb for a while.

“Suffering four days of cold and rain was definitely worth it!”

Neil used a single Stick Vor-Tex boilie on a Korda N-trap Soft hooklink with a small PVA stick.