Paul Garner's new crucian personal best

In a bizarre twist of fate, Paul Garner has broken his crucian personal best with this 4lb 2oz 8dr specimen exactly a year to the day that he last achieved the feat.

Targeting a Surrey stillwater that contained a large head of small crucians and tench, the Nash Peg One consultant avoided putting out a large bed of feed, and instead relied on the gradual build-up of bait in a bid to single out the bigger fish. His tactics proved spot on, and by regularly recasting his Method feeders filled with Dynamite Baits Green Swim Stim groundbait in conjunction with imitation casters and 4mm pellet hookbaits he landed a total of eight fish, backing-up his new best with a hat-trick of fish over the 3lb-barrier weighing 3lb 14oz, 3lb 13oz and 3lb 7oz.

“This lake is filled with thousands of crucians and loads of tench, so I didn’t pile the bait in in at the start. I wanted to try and pick off the bigger specimens rather than filling my swim with smaller fish from the off,” Paul told Angling Times.

“I had a few tench before the crucians started to home in on the feeder and my new personal best was the last fish of the session.

“It was exactly a year ago when I caught my previous personal best and I really didn’t expect to catch a specimen like this considering how many other fish are in the lake. Who said lightening doesn’t strike twice.”

Paul made his rig from 6lb mainline, a 4lb hooklink and hair-rigged his baits on a size 16 hook.

Days later he headed to a different venue where he caught his second personal best in the space of a week in the form of a 2lb 5oz silver bream. He said: “I’ve been catching lots of two pounders over the last few weeks, I just need to cross paths with one of the giants now.”

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