Pair of 50lb-plus carp in just two trips

Two short sessions totalling seven hours gave Gary Spencer two fifties.

The Premium Carp Fishing boss had been baiting a spot for two weeks, but timed his angling time to perfection during the morning sessions on consecutive days.

The fish, both mirrors, weighed 50lb 13oz and 52lb 6oz and came from a large north Cambridgeshire gravel pit.

Gary said: “On the Sunday morning I did a short three-hour session and caught the smaller of the two fish, which I had previously banked in 2010.

“The fish was caught on my own PCF Coco Fruit boilies from a swim I had pre-baited for two weeks. The spot was 30 yards out on the slope of a gravel bar.

“On Monday morning I did a four-hour session and had the 52lb 6oz mirror. I first caught this fish in 2002 at 32lb, although I have photographed it for other anglers at over 40lb and 50lb. This one had eluded me for a long time!”

Both fish fell to blowback rigs, with the first carp taking a Coco Fruit bottom bait and the second falling to the soon-to-be-released PCF Squidly Diddly boilies.

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