One of the biggest ever sturgeon on rod and line!

This is a picture of one of the world’s biggest sturgeon ever landed on rod and line weighing in at a colossal 900lb.

The specimen, that measured over 11 feet in length, was landed by 19-year-old, Paul Jarvis, from Atlanta in the United States, who was fishing with his father Ron on the mighty Fraser River in Canada.

Under the expert guidance of the award-winning Great River Fishing Adventures, based in Chilliwack in British Columbia, it took the duo over an hour to finally bring the specimen to side of the boat that was skippered by company boss Dean Werk.

“In the first few minutes of the fight I couldn’t believe the weight and the power of the fish. I could barely hold on to the rod let alone gain any line,” said Paul.

“Landing the fish became a real father and son challenge as my dad was handing me water to keep me hydrated and kept a firm hold on my fighting belt to make sure the fish didn’t get the better of me.”

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