Nine thirties topped by 47lb 2oz mirror carp

An attack based around sweetcorn has accounted for an incredible haul of carp topped by this 47lb specimen that was backed up by no less than nine other ‘thirties’ and all banked in just 25 hours.

Avid Carp backed Ian Russell had a feeling that something different would give him a vital edge during his latest session at RK Leisure’s Kingsmead 1 and it proved to be a masterstroke.

He fished two rods either side of a weedbed at 60 yards and after an initial introduction of three tins of Sonubaits F1 corn over each rig, he fed a tin after every fish landed.
A stack of imitation corn topped with a boyant  Korum hairstop that was hair-rigged onto the back of a size 4 hook was the winning rig and it proved the downfall to a trio of fish all weighing 38lb 10oz, followed by specimens topping the scales at 38lb 8oz, 38lb 7oz, 36lb 2oz, 34lb 8oz, 33lb, 32lb 5oz, plus four other carp to 29lb.

“Sometimes doing something different gets results and this is perfect proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune on bait to get a big hit of fish,” said Ian.

“I hadn’t had a single touch after 23 hours, but then the swim just came alive and it was the craziest 25 hours fishing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

“Too many anglers get to a swim and the marker rod comes straight out and then every rig has to have a pva bag or stick attached.

“I picked my spot, fed some corn over the top and kept everything tight and it was as simple as that.”

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