Night out leads to 6lb 3oz chub from the Wear

A 20-year campaign to land a 6lb-plus chub from the River Wear finally came to an end for Simon Ashton when he landed this 6lb 3oz specimen.

The County Durham all-rounder has caught countless big fish from waters across the country but one of his biggest targets was to crack his local venue.

After spotting a shoal of chub while gazing at the water on a night out, he decided to see whether he could entice them to feed the day after.

He began pinging maggots in to the swim and once he had the fish competing he flicked out a waggler rig baited with two white grubs.

“On the fifth run through the swim the float buried,” said Simon. “Once I’d hooked it I had to play it very carefully as there was a canoeing event going on and they were flying through the swim as I brought it in. I’ve landed three fish of 5lb 15oz from the venue in the past and I was starting to wonder whether it would ever happen,” he added.

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