Newlyweds bank Ebro catfish to 216lb

A newly married couple celebrated their honeymoon by catching some huge catfish from Spain’s River Ebro system, this 216lb the highlight.

The fish, which measured 2.16m in length, set a new record for the Riba Roja reservoir section and fell to Philip Tancock, who fished a whole squid bait. His wife Emma also got in on the action during the trip with Ebro Experience and banked fish to 106lb.

Philip said: “The biggest fish fought hard for 30 minutes and I almost ran out of line twice. It hugged the bottom before finally rising to the surface and we landed it. My wife and I are both keen anglers so thought we'd use the opportunity to go on one of our dream angling holidays, guided 24/7 on the river by Lee Franchetti and hosted by Lisa Scott.”

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