New world record Siamese carp landed

A trip to Thailand’s Palm Tree Lagoon saw Andrew Harman land this giant Siamese carp weighing 150lb which smashes the current world record for the species by 16lb.

The huge fish fell to a piece of bread flake on a size 2 hook, after he had spent four days on the venue.

The former Drennan Cup holder, who now lives in Australia, played the fish for over 40 minutes as it made numerous long and powerful runs.

He said: “It was eventually netted via a rectangular arapaima cage as it was too big for a landing net. It beat my previous Siamese carp best of 84lb and although it is bigger than the current IGFA record I’m not going to be putting a claim in as I’m currently fishing for one believed to be even bigger one at another venue that to date has not been landed before.”

Andrew is no stranger to catching massive specimens in this Far East country, having landed a 450lb arapaima in 2012 from Bung Sam Ran Lake.

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