New venue record set at Baden Hall Fishery

A father-and-son duo crowned a memorable debut session at Baden Hall with three thirties and the venue’s biggest-ever fish.

Alex Jaundrell, who was fishing with his father Neil, banked the Big Common at an all-time high of 47lb 8oz from Quarry Pool at the Staffordshire complex.

“It really was a dream fish, just a stunning carp,” said 20-year-old Alex, who also banked a 35lb 3oz common and a 22lb mirror. Dad Neil added commons of 31lb 10oz and 32lb 8oz to the tally during the pair’s four-day stay.

The South Wales anglers arrived at the lake on Thursday afternoon to find very few fish had been coming out.

“With an easterly breeze sweeping across the lake, we opted to fish the sheltered bay area of the and were lucky to bag the two swims available,” said Alex. The pair baited regularly, introducing 4.5kg of Pro Baits UK Squid and Orange boilies around spots in the margins and close to an island, but had to wait until Saturday morning for their first bite – a 31lb 10oz common for Neil.

At first light on Sunday morning, Alex bagged a 35lb 3oz common from a margin spot and Neil had a 32lb 8oz common not long afterwards.

A 22lb mirror greeted Alex on the last morning of the session, before he received another take at 7am. “I struck into the fish and it just stopped. I thought I had caught a snag on the bottom of the lake, but then it began a run that caught me by surprise – this was no ordinary fish!

“Several runs later the fish weeded itself, but I kept the pressure on and slowly he emerged, surrounded by a ball of weed, but done with his fight.

“In the net I could not believe my eyes at the sheer size of it. As I lifted it I just knew it was a forty! My dad took one look and said, ‘I reckon that’s the Big Common – biggest fish in the lake’. We just stood, speechless, looking in awe at this magnificent creature. I was in total shock!”

Alex used 5ins Fox Camotex Stiff KD rigs with size 6 Fox Arma Point SSC hooks.

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