New rig fools Apple Slice at 42lb 2oz

Jack Keating trialled a new rig at the challenging Dinton Pastures venue and banked Apple Slice at 42lb 2oz.

The 24-year-old from nearby Thatcham caught the big mirror from White Swan Lake on his first session using a ‘slip D’ rig – a variation on the stand D rig.

He said: “After checking the weather forecast on my arrival and noticing a south-westerly wind was coming in at 6am the following morning, I had a feeling the fish would follow. I set up at the top end and decided to get the rods in position before the fish turned up to avoid spooking anything.

“After the first night the wind turned and it wasn’t long before I could see a few fish. So far the plan was coming along nicely but with no action coming I decided to try something brighter to catch their attention. I opted for the slip D pop-up rig, popped up one inch, and decided a Sticky White Chocolate boilie would help do this. 

“At 9am on Friday morning the left-hand rod went into meltdown. Once the rod was struck it went mental, the fish powered off, dropping the lead on the bite and you could see the bow waves on the surface. After an epic battle I slide the net under him with a big sigh of relief.”

Jack fished over a kilo of Krill freebies and made his rigs from 15lb Gardner Disruption and a size 6 Covert Mugga hook.

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