New personal best with 47lb Carribbean Queen

This 47lb 7oz mirror known as The Caribbean Queen was Joe Atkinson’s reward for re-focusing on his Essex syndicate water.

The Angling Direct employee decided to concentrate on Bayeswater having only lightly fished it during his previous three years as a member.

The 22-year-old said: “Not having fished the lake a great deal in the previous three years, I finally decided this is the year I was going to start fishing it properly.”

Joe caught one fish on his first trip since July and returned soon after for a 48-hour session.

He said: “I couldn't help but think the next fish out might be one of the big girls. Little did I know that my very next take would result in my having one of them.

“Just into dark, while making a tea, one of my alarms sounded. With the bobbin pulled up tight against the rod and into the alarm, it was soon picked up. With what first felt like a dead weight kiting towards me, I wasn't exactly sure what I was attached to.”

After a tense fight in the margins, Joe scooped the net under the fish and realised it was a new personal best.

“A proper look in the net revealed the beast in all its glory,” he said, “I was absolutely buzzing! What a dream start to the campaign and what a fish!”

Joe baited with 2kg of Stick Krill boilies on a clear spot in weed used size 6 ESP Curve Shanx hooks on Atomic Jel-E-Wyre hooklengths.