New personal best with 3lb 12oz perch

Philip Taylor has broken his perch personal best for the second time in as many weeks with the capture of this 3lb 12oz specimen.

Targeting a Lincolnshire river, the Skegness-base d rod made sure he was in position for first light and fed casters on a little and often basis over a dendrobaena worm hookbait.

He said: “I had two very small perch straight away and then a very tentative bite from a fish of around 2lb. On the next cast my line went slack and I struck in to the big one. It was a great fight and it powered around under the rod tip giving me several heart stopping moments before I got it in the net.”

Philip beat his prize with a 5lb Drennan Double Strength hooklink and a size 12 Wide Gape Specialist hook.