New personal best with 36lb 9oz mirror

This atmospheric dawn picture captures the moment teenager Harry Pratt hoisted up a new personal best for the cameras.

The 17-year-old caught the 36lb 9oz mirror from Suffolk Water Park during a weekend session.

After a blank first night, the wind swung round to a south-westerly and Harry capitalised by moving swims as a number of anglers pulled off the lake on the Sunday.

The Bury St Edmunds rod said: “There were a number of empty swims along the far side, and with the wind pushing in there nicely it looked extremely good for a bite. I wasted no time at all in packing up and getting my gear round the lake to get my rods back out ready for the day.

“My first two rods were in position when a chunky mirror popped its head out directly above them and from that point on I was feeling extremely confident. My rods were motionless until 12.30am when the bobbin on my right-hand rod dropped back slightly and I bagged a perfect common, just over 20lb.

“Quite content with a lovely common, I got up at first light one happy angler, and after several cups of tea my middle rod just pulled up tight and I was attached to what felt like a very big fish. After a long fight I finally got the fish up off the bottom, and after a quick wallow on the surface she was in the net!”

Harry fished hinged stiff rigs made with Fox Edges components and presented Nutex pop-ups from Raw Baits.

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