New personal best from Baden Hall with 36lb 2oz mirror

A quiet bay on a busy day-ticket venue provided Rich Beardmore with a new personal best in the shape of this 36lb 2oz mirror.

The Stafford rod fished nearby Baden Hall Fisheries for a 24-hour session and chose to get away from the crowds on Quarry Pool.

The 26-year-old agricultural engineer told Angling Times: “I chose a quiet bay as it was quite full in the main body of the lake and fished three rods tight on a spot with only a few free offerings.

“I chose Mainline Cell boilies in 14mm because I had heard in the week a few fish were caught on it. I also added a bit of corn to the area.”

Having banked two 30lb commons from the venue in November, Rich retreated to his bivvy in confidence and was woken at 1am.

He said: “It was a screaming run and the fish fought for about 25 minutes. As soon as it was in the net I knew it was a new personal best. The fish was the only one of the session and I cannot wait to get back on there.”

Rich fished a Cell popup on a stiff hinged rig at 80 yards.