New personal best common for Ed Betteridge with 45lb 10oz fish

Ed Betteridge beat his personal-best common with this 45lb 10oz bruiser known as the Goldfish.

The Greys media manager turned up to Grendon Lakes in Northamptonshire to find the venue out of form, but felt confident that was due to change.

The Mainline and Korda-backed rod explained: “There had only been one mid-20 caught since my previous visit, which I hoped meant the lake was due for another ‘kick’.

“I positioned the rods on a few marks that I had found the previous week, baited each one up with a few Hybrid boilies and settled down for the night. I stayed up as late as I could in anticipation of a bite, but I received no action so retired around midnight.

“I was awoken later in the night by a few bleeps, only to watch the Stow bobbin settle back down to its starting position so I assumed a line bite was the cause, but then the indicator lifted into the alarm and stayed there.

“I had to wind in a lot of slack as the fish came toward me, but soon came in contact with a heavy weight. The fight was a strange one – I could tell I was into a big fish because of the weight, and the runs were very slow, but I kept getting a lot of vibration up the line as the fish turned and the line rubbed on its flanks and as its tail beat against the mono.

“As I slipped the net underneath the lump I breathed a sigh of relief before flicking on my head touch to see my prize. Although I don’t know the fish that well, I knew instantly that I had bagged one of my targets!”

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