New nets aid fight against fish diseases

The development of new ground-breaking nets has been heralded as one of the biggest breakthroughs against the spread of disease among UK fisheries.

BSafe nets are the brainchild of top match angler, Derek Willan, who teamed up with industry experts to form Aquatech Technologies. Utilising complex chemistry they have created an active and ever-lasting bacterial-killing layer within the fibres of each net.

“It has been proven under laboratory conditions that disease can be transferred on nets to fish and I feel as anglers we have a duty of care to look into any avenue that can help ensure healthier fish stocks,” said Derek.

Research by the Environment Agency has revealed that a small group of bacteria were an even bigger killer than the more commonly reported viral disease, Koi Herpes Virus (KHV), and were present in the majority of fish mortalities reported in 2013.

Rigorous tests carried out on the revolutionary new nets by CEFAS found that they had more than a 99 per cent kill rate within 24 hours against five of these bacteria.
“This is not only a huge breakthrough in the fight against current diseases, but it will also help us protect for the future as who knows what’s around the corner,” added Derek.

Aquatech Technologies director, Andrew Jackson-Brown, said: “From our initial idea we have always intended to make the benefits of BSafe available to all manufacturers of nets, slings, mats and potentially any products that come into contact with infected fish.

“It is a huge step forward in reducing the spread of harmful bacterial diseases and we hope that all anglers and manufacturers alike join with us to help preserve and promote healthier fish stocks.”

The development has been welcomed by fisheries experts and venue owners alike and Dr Bruno Broughton, one of the UK’s leading fisheries consultants, believes it’s one of the most important developments in recent times.

“This welcome move will lead to better, fish-safe nets and other products which will raise the bar for fish health standards. Initial inquiries have stimulated an extremely positive response from fishery owners, and it merits widespread adoption.” 

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