New app launches to UK anglers

An exciting new App for all anglers has launched in the UK - and Angling Times reckons it's brilliant.

FishBrain is a free App for all smartphone users and is the fastest, easiest way to log your catches.

You can use it on the bank to record your catch details, including weights of fish, favourite fishing locations, swim depths, best methods, baits and tackle, plus show off your catch pictures to other anglers.

This smart App will automatically fill in all the important weather condition data for you too, giving you an easy to follow, highly informative database of your catches that you can utilise for future fishing trips.

Steve Fitzpatrick, Angling Times Editor, said: "Every angler should keep a fishing diary as they provide a valuable record of catches and conditions throughout your season.

"This is a brilliant, mobile way to do it, and FishBrain is simple to use too."

FishBrain is available from the App Store or Google Play in the UK now.

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