Month-long prebaiting campaign banks 112lb catfish

A month-long pre-baiting campaign paid off for Steve Nunn when he won the battle with this huge 112lb catfish.

The fish – which took over 45 minutes to land - smashed his previous personal best for the species by over 70lb and was the result of a dedicated baiting campaign based around a smelly concoction of chopped fish and groundbait.

This mix was packed with chopped sardines, mackerel and tuna and binded together with Dynamite Baits Method Mix. He then introduced it on a marginal shelf beneath a group of overhanging trees at a water in East Anglia.

The winning hookbait proved to be a rudd livebait suspended two feet off the lakebed on a size 4/0 hook and a 35lb braided hooklink.

“I just used all of the leftover bait from pike fishing last winter and made this stinking mix -it wasn’t for the feint hearted I can tell you, but I knew that it would get the cats coming into the area,” said Steve, from Diss in Norfolk.

“When I struck into the fish all hell broke loose as it stripped 70yds off the reel and began steaming towards the island. I really bent into it and thankfully managed to turn the fish around.

“I didn’t think the fish was as big as it was, but when it came to lifting it out of the water I honestly thought the mesh of the net was caught on the bottom because I couldn’t budge it.

“To have all of my hard work pay-off is one of the best feelings in the world, but the feeling in my arms and my shoulders the next day wasn’t so good!” he added.

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