Mirror carp brace goes 79lb

When Paul Thomas banked a Single Scale at over 40lb he just knew there was more to come.

And so it proved for the 49-year-old bricklayer as he braced it with the mirror known as Moon Scale at 39lb 8oz.

The impressive duo, backed up by a 19-pounder, came during a 48-hour session at The Avenue in Shropshire.

Paul, from Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, said: “Single Scale came first at 40lb 4oz and came in with not too many dramas. Obviously, I was chuffed to bits but I knew there was more to come!

“There were fish showing over my left-hand spot and I was chatting to Chris, one of the other members, telling him I knew there were more to come when the left-hand rod ripped off.  Now this fish, Moon Scale, had a few different ideas and what followed was one hell of a scrap. What a session!”

Paul used a Sticky Krill White Ones pop-up over 3kg of standard freebies on a bar at 60 yards. He used naked chod rigs made from size 6 Nash Chod Twister hooks and Nash Chod Link Diffusion Camo in 20lb with 2.5oz dumpy square leads fished drop-off style. The fish were tamed on Shimano Long Cast Baitrunners and Free Spirit 3.25lb rods.

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