Lochnaw is still the top roach venue

Rumours of the demise of roach mecca, Lochnaw, have been dismissed by Gary Knowles, who landed a string of specimens topped by this new personal best of 3lb 2oz.

A temporary suspension on angling was placed on the lake in April after cormorants took a number of fish. Despite venue officials stating that the lake’s large roach had been virtually unaffected, reports were soon circulating on the big-fish grapevine and many anglers feared the worst.

Undeterred by the claims, though, the Warrington-based Korum consultant made the trip to the venue in Stranraer, Scotland when it reopened, and initially targeted a spot that he had caught from in the past. After a couple of days with very little to show for his efforts he decided a change of swim was in order.

“I spotted a good fish rolling right in the centre of the loch which was an area only accessible from the opposite bank to where I was fishing,” Gary told Angling Times. “Coupled with the fact that a new wind began to push in to the same area the following morning I decided I just had to make a move.”

It proved to be an inspired choice. Having seen roach priming well out in the loch, Gary baited an area at 70yds with a dozen balls of Dynamite Baits Roach Black groundbait laced with hemp and crushed 10mm The Source boilies.

Over the top of this he offered a single 10mm boilie hookbait on a mini helicopter rig tied with a size 14 X-Pert hook, a 4.12lb Powerline hooklink and a 45gr Combi-Feeder.

“I had my first proper take at dawn producing a fish of 2lb 13oz. In the next 24 hours this was followed by five other stunning roach of 2lb 7oz, 2lb 13oz, 2lb 14oz, 2lb 15oz and 3lb 2oz. It would seem rumours of the Loch’s decline are somewhat premature!” he added.

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