Lake best in an 18-fish hit from Linear Fisheries

A “session of a lifetime” ended in a dream capture for Dale Glover at Linear Fisheries.

Targeting Unity Lake on the syndicate part of the Oxfordshire complex, the Century and Xcel Baits-backed rod kept the carp in his swim night after night and eventually landed his target fish as his session drew to a close.

The 39lb 7oz common – the largest in the lake – was one of 18 fish landed during a five-night stay that also featured eight other twenties including a 29lb 7oz ghostie.

Dale told Angling Times: “By the last night I had caught 17 fish and was a very happy angler, but the thought of the back of my mind was that my target fish would make it the session of a lifetime.

“With the rods back on the spots with a large amount of bait it was time to see what the last night would bring. At 10.30pm the middle rod’s bobbin pulled up with a very slow run. I got to the rod and lifted into a heavy-feeling fish and it wasn’t long before the fish was in the weed.

“All session when the fish had got in the weed I had slackened off and let them free themselves, and as luck would have it the same thing happened again. The fish surfaced about 50 yards out in front of me and plodded all the way in towards the bank.

“I could see the fish’s every move without any lights as the water was flat calm, but it was only once near the net I put the head torch on and could see what it was. Fish number 18 was my target fish! I was gobsmacked to say the least! So the session ended on the biggest high, and one I won't forget in a hurry.”

Dale fished Xcel Baits’ KSC boilies on blowback rigs to a silty area at 85 yards and baited heavily with pellets, particles and boilies.

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