Krill proves downfall of 35lb 4oz linear carp

Carp don’t get much better than this immaculate 35lb 4oz zip linear caught from Linch Hill’s Christchurch by Mark Litchfield.

Two bleeps on his alarm at 2am were the only indication the fish gave him but on checking his line he found it was bow-string tight and lifted in to it.

The bite came after the Southampton-based rod’s third change of swim after trying a variety of rigs and methods during the trip. It was backed-up with a second mirror of 33lb with both falling to his own special hookbaits over a bed of chopped Sticky Krill boilies and mixed Krill and Bloodworm pellets.

Mark said: “The linear hadn’t been caught for over five years until earlier this year and has now been out three times in the last couple of months all to people using The Krill.”

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