Krill fools 41lb 14oz new personal best common carp

This 41lb 14oz Oxfordshire common provided Dan Wildbore with a new personal best.

The 25-year-old Sticky media manager snared the fish during a four-night stay on Christchurch at the Linch Hill complex.

The Leicester angler targeted a hard spot at 70yrds and baited with half a kilo of chopped Krill boilies.

He said:  “I absolutely love the place and keep getting drawn back to it. I wanted to catch one of the bigger fish from there this year and I have managed that already, so I am over the moon.

“The lake was fishing really patchily, with the fish holding up in certain areas. I couldn’t get on to where I really wanted to be, so sat it out in the middle of the lake.

“I managed to catch the fish 24 hours after arriving and hoped they would push on to me at some point, but they didn’t.”

Dan presented a trimmed-down Krill bottom bait in mesh and tipped it with a 12mm white Krill pop-up to create a snowman rig. His rig featured 20lb Korda N-trap and a size 6 wide-gape hook and a 4oz lead.

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