Krill banks 35lb common from syndicate water

This long common of 35lb 7oz fell to the rods of Andrew Cook during a weekend session at a Northamptonshire syndicate water.

The bricklayer from Coalville, Leicestershire, banked the specimen, known as Blind Eye, along with another carp of 23lb 6oz.

The 24-year-old, who fished Sticky Krill boilies in the margins over a couple of kilos of matching freebies, said: “I got there late on Friday night and after having a lap of the lake and not seeing anything, I noticed a few fish in a little corner where the wind was pushing right in the edge, so I just flicked out my rods close in.”

Andrew fished naked chod rigs featuring size 6 ESP Stiff Rigger hooks and Korda Mouth Trap.

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