Kitch crosses the 50lb barrier

One of the finest commons in the country has broken the 50lb barrier for the first time.

Kitch fell to the rods of Stephen Parker at an all-time high of 50lb 8oz during a memorable 36-hour session on Patsons at the Northey Park complex in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

The 23-year-old Market Deeping angler also managed fish of 30lb 4oz, 24lb 4oz and 22lb 8oz during his stay. It was the second time he had banked Kitch in the last year.

He said: “During the first 12 months on my new syndicate I’ve had 13 thirties and Kitch twice. I would like to thank (lake owner) Elliott Symak for giving me and close ones the opportunity to catch such stunning fish.”

Elliott told Angling Times: “This is the first time the fish has gone over the magical fifty mark and it is now one of the top 10 common carp in the country.”

Steve, who got the bite at 7.30am, added: “My bait application is a combination of boilies from Active Baits Stamford and Mainline Baits. I feel that by using this combination all fish will feed in the swim.

“I am a big fan of Fox tackle and I used size 8 Fox Arma Point SSC, 20lb Cortex Matt coated braid, Fox lead clips and tail rubbers, and 20lb Soft Steel mainline.”

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