Is this carp the future record?

A day-ticket fishery has smashed the Yorkshire carp record following the capture of this huge 58lb specimen.

The fish, which is believed to be the biggest in the north of the UK, was landed by Alan Firth when the only bite of a 48-hour session on Eric’s Willows Lake near Methley, West Yorks, produced the historic specimen.

Alan, who comes from Leeds, smashed his personal best by 23lb 6oz he struck into the fish known as ‘three scale’ which held the previous record for the county when it tipped the scales at 52lb.

It was fooled with a 20 mm Stickybaits Krill bottom bait tipped with a grain of imitation corn fished over a kilo of matching baits.

 “I had a single beep in the night and I really thought that the swans had descended on the clear spot that I was fishing over, but when the bite developed and I struck to watch the rod just hoop over and stay there as the fish slowly began to plod off to my right,” said Alan.

“The fish was very kind to me as it came to the net quite easily and the sight of it coming over the spreader block was incredible as I know the fishery very well and didn’t expect to catch a carp this big.

“It just goes to show the incredible growth rates of the carp at this fishery.

Many believe that it’s a fish could soon threaten the current British best that stands at 67lb 8oz as  it was stocked 10 years ago weighing just 9lb.

Tom Broomhead is the manager at Eric’s Willows Lake and has also revealed that along with ‘three scale’ there are two other fish that could also weigh over 50lb.

“This is an incredible group of fish and the amount of back-up carp  aren’t bad either as we have four other carp that have all gone over the 40b mark for the first time this year to compliment the huge numbers of 30 and 40 ‘pounders that we already have,” said Tom

“The great thing about this place is that anyone can come and have their dreams come true without having to pay a fortune or be a member of a syndicate.”

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