Ian Chillcott sets new personal best common carp

Experienced carper Ian Chillcott eclipsed his personal-best common with this immaculate specimen.

The 46lb 10oz fish fell to the Fox consultant at the Carp Society’s Farriers Lake in Gloucestershire.

Ian said: “Once again I am left speechless, an incredible carp from an incredible lake. And I think it's a lake record, too. Not bad for a rainy day in mid-October, eh?”

The big common was caught from a hole in dense weed at 45 yards in around 6ft of water and was a personal-best common for the presenter of BT Sport’s Fishing TV Show.
The former paratrooper, widely known as Chilly and famous for his ‘light my fire’ catchphrase, added: “Not unsurprisingly, the rest of my session went by in a bit of a blur. I did manage a 24lb common several hours after the big fish, but my heart really wasn't in it. I contrived to let one fall off in the weed as I was packing up, but it could never have extinguished the fires that had been lit.”

Chilly fed a total of 3kg of 10mm and 15mm Mainline Hybrid boilies spread over the area and fished a hinged stiff rig made from Fox Trans Khaki Rigidity and Trans Khaki Illusion over the top. The hookbait was a matching 15mm pop-up tied to a size 5 Fox Arma Point SR hook.

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