Huge perch is first on a lure

The decision to lure fish a venue that had never been previously tackled with the tactic paid dividends for Ben Church when he banked this 4lb 10oz personal best perch from a southern commercial fishery.

After hearing rumours that a local venue had produced a large fish during a match the Cornwall-based rod arrived at the lake just before first light.

Rather than using worms and maggots he selected a Fiiish Black Minnow lure to try and pick out the bigger specimens.

He said: “We’d found a deep open water spot and my friend Dean Pilgrim and I had a hunch it could be the perfect place to land a very special fish.

“As soon as I got the take I knew I was into something special. I had been aiming to for a 3lb perch to beat my 2lb 8oz best but I ended up with a lot more than I bargained for.

When it came to the surface my eyeballs almost popped out - I’d never seen anything like it. Sometimes going with your gut instinct can pay off and on this occasion it certainly did,” he added.

Just days later he returned and reaped the rewards again as a 3lb 12oz stripey fell for an identical attack. Although increasing his pb again will take a monumental effort he has not given up on going one better. “Big perch are rarely caught by matchmen on the venue and I’ve had two fish for over 8lb within a week on lures. If that is achievable then who knows what  is in there,” he told Angling Times.