Huge haul of carp from St Ives

Liam Duncan made Cambridgeshire’s rock-hard St Ives complex look like a runs water as he caught four twenties, an elusive thirty and this 43lb 15oz mirror in a weekend.

Tackling Meadow and Fjords lakes, which are joined together and span more than 110 acres, the 23-year-old  bivvied up on a flooded spit with water under his bedchair.

The Leicestershire rod said: “It was my 35th night on the lake and I had been baiting and fishing a flooded spit of land for a couple of weekends with Sticky Krill freezer baits. I even drove the 180-mile round trip down to Cambridge midweek on a couple of occasions to pre-bait the spot.

“The totally wild nature and huge size of the lake make it very hard fishing, the area that I wanted to fish meant that I had to brolly up on a flooded spit with water under my bedchair. Not comfy!

“It all came good after six nights in the peg spread over two different three-night sessions when my 14th bite from the spot happened to be the Round Brown, my target fish at 43lb 15oz. I was absolutely blown away.”

Liam added:  “The 31lb 12oz mirror was uncaught for over two and a half years and is one of the really old originals in the lake.”

The fish came from a large gravel bar at 70 yards and were caught over a total of 10kg of whole and chopped Krill boilies. Liam fished snowman rigs made with size 4 Gardner Continental Muggas and Korda N-trap Soft.

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