Huge day-ticket common is second lake record for captor

Lee Buckley ended a hugely successful 2013 with the capture of this stunning day-ticket forty.

The Oldham rod now holds both carp records at Baden Hall’s Quarry Pool after banking the 46lb 8oz common exactly two months after capturing a 42lb mirror from the Staffordshire venue.

Setting up on Boxing Day for a three-night session, the 37-year-old panel beater initially fished into the teeth of a gale and was rewarded with three fish in total.

He said: “I’m good friends with the bailiff and he told me the fish had been holding up in front of peg 15 so I setup there and fished with the wind in my face.
“The weather was horrendous. There are sheds on the lake that you fish from and I had to sit there holding the door shut.

“At about 7.30am I had an absolute one-toner and I initially thought I’d hooked one of the stockies because it was shaking its head a lot. When I got it in the margins it felt a bit heavier, but it was only when I went to lift the net that I realised it was something special.

“It’s a stunning looking fish and completely solid, there’s not an ounce of fat on her.”

While weighing the specimen, Lee had another common of 20lb 4oz and later fished the same spot from a swim on the back of the wind and had a 27lb 10oz common.

The winning tactic was seven hair-rigged maggots mounted on a Korda Kurv Shank hook tied to 10lb Drennan Double Strength. Lee fed a pint of maggots, a pint of casters and about 100 crushed-up boilies covered in almond Kiana Goo.