Huge Welsh grass carp from former shipping dock

Urban carping can throw up all sorts of surprises, but few as great as this previously unknown grass carp.

The 40lb 2oz specimen came from The Wharf in Cardiff, a former shipping dock in the bay area of the Welsh capital.

The water has produced large commons and mirrors but was not thought to contain such a large grassie.

Captor Tudor Prosser told Angling Times: “I was stunned. Nobody that I know had any idea that such a large grassie was in the water.  I’ve fished there for five years and have been fishing with guys that have been fishing there for double that and had no idea such a fish was in there. It was a shock, but a welcomed shock!”

The Cardiff rod, who runs his own security-training company, arrived at the venue on Friday afternoon for a weekend session with his 10-year-old son Logan. After a fruitless first night that saw Tudor lose a fish in the weed, he received a screaming take at 1pm on the Saturday.

“I bent into a weeded-up fish where it had shot away from me,” he said, “I inched it backwards, taking very small baby steps to tease it back out of the weed. I got it through and it headed straight for another weedbed which was between me and the spot I’d baited.”

After teasing it out again, Tudor began to think he had lost the fish. He said: “Then it surfaced. Having dumped the 3oz lead on the take, the fish came into view. I knew it was big, and thought forty, but thought common not grassie.

“I was absolutely buzzing. My PB is 65lb, but my UK PB was 28lb until that point. It was fantastic.”

Tudor also bagged a 24lb mirror and three upper-double commons during his three-night stay. He baited with particles and Catcher Baits BS1 boilies, and his hinged stiff rigs featured Korda components and were baited with trimmed-down Solar pineapple pop-ups tipped with plastic corn.

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