Huge 3lb 6oz rudd from Daiwa Manton Fishery

A carp session threw up this massive 3lb 6oz rudd for Paul Killelay, the second biggest ever from Daiwa Manton fishery.

The Gainsborough, Lincolnshire man took the surprise specimen, and new personal best, on a 16mm Dynamite Red Crustacean boilie, after baiting with hemp and maize binded with vitalin.  It came after 49-year-old Paul had just lost two good carp in succession, including a possible 30lb ghostie to a hook pull.

“I noticed that the indicator was moving up and down so I lifted the rod and felt slight resistance.  As it broke the surface I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the blood red fins, I wasn’t letting this one go!” explained Paul.

“Now I’m going to have a proper go for them with scaled down gear to see what’s in there,” he added.

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