Heavy baiting results in 12 fish haul to 33lb

Piling in the bait during a 24-hour session helped Mat Woods bank five carp over 25lb and a 33lb 3oz common as part of a 12-fish haul.

The Korum brand manager bagged up on Quarry Pool at Baden Hall in Staffordshire, catching all of his fish during the hours of daylight over a total of 20kg of hemp and Sonubaits Code Red boilies.

He said: “I’ve been stockpiling my bait over the last few weeks as every time I’ve tried to go, other things have got in the way.

“It meant I had a vast array of buckets brimming with hemp, which I had put 12mm Code Red into a week or so previously. To this I added some fresh 12mm and 15mm baits and, as the weather was good and the pressure low, I decided to gamble and let them have it.

“I know from last year that they will come to a big bed of bait quite quickly at this time of year, especially if nobody else has tried it. I was lucky that everyone was still in boilie and chod rig mode because of the weed, but careful marker float work revealed a nice shallow sandy spot that was totally weed free. It shocked me how clear it was, in fact.”

 Having baited for two hours and rested the swim for the same period, Mat’s first bite came just 30 minutes after casting out.

“I was amazed at how quickly the fish were on the bait, and they continued feeding all day,” said Mat. “I knew if I got one bite, the other rod would go off shortly afterwards. I fished them close together on the spot for that very reason, and it really paid off. I had nine fish in the first eight hours of fishing, and then when the wind died and some anglers moved opposite, things slowed down.”

After a blank night, Mat rebaited heavily in the morning and had three bites in 15 minutes, including the biggest of the trip at just over 33lb, before an 11lb bream rounded off the session.

All the fish were caught on size 6 Avid CRV hooks with Captive coated braid, a 4.5oz lead on a Korum Lead Clip and Korum Carp Leader. Hookbaits were whittled-down Code Red bottom baits.

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