Head To The Dee For Cracking River Roach Sport

Anglers fishing the Dee at Holt are enjoying some cracking sport with roach to 1lb filling nets.

The delightful, picturesque beat 7 stretch was virtually unfishable for a huge chunk of last year due to flooding but this year it is back with a bang with pleasure anglers reporting good catches of not only roach but salmon, trout, perch, eels and dace along with the odd specimen barbel.
Tactics wise, the river here responds to a variety of methods depending on what species you want to catch but for a good mixed bag you can’t beat the blockend feeder fished with white or bronze maggots. 5-6lb line on your reel should suffice with a medium tip to account for the flow. The roach are in abundance through the whole stretch so simply find a nice slack area and fish a feeder or trot a float down.

 For bigger fish like barbel, beef up your gear and fish baits like meat or halibut pellets in the faster flowing spots. For more info on fishing on the Dee at Holt, visit www.fishinginthenorthwest.co.uk

TIP: Try not to visit the venue on Thursdays and Sundays as the river has fresh cold water running through it from Bala Lake where the river starts, as they open the gates to release water from the lake which makes fishing more difficult.

Prices: £20 a season from Dee AA
Contact: Chester Tackle Locker, 01244 345069, www.deeanglers.co.uk
Location: River Dee, Dee Lane, Holt, Cheshire, LL13 9YT
Rules: No fires, no night fishing