Haul of 22 fish topped by 40lb mirror carp

A 22-fish haul from Linear Fisheries was topped by this 40lb mirror known as Auntie  Albert.

Daniel Fellows caught the big one from Gaunts Lake on the Oxfordshire complex’s syndicate site, before moving to neighbouring Yeoman’s Lake and taking a multiple hit of fish including two thirties.

He explained: “I arrived on Monday afternoon and with only two target fish remaining I got to work trying to find the fish. This didn’t take long as it was so hot and they were cruising in the upper layers, though not feeding.

“After fishing off the barrow for the day I decided to pitch up in the double swim knowing a friend would be down soon and we could have a bit of a social if all else failed.

“After leading around I found the tiniest of gravel patches at about 80yrds. It must have been the size of a bivvy mat as it was hit and miss whether I landed on it or not. I didn’t want to disturb the water too much so I scattered a few 18mm Urban Baits boilies around the spot. The other two rods were fizzed out on zigs.

“After having a few heavy liners I knew the fish were around. As evening drew closer I changed the other two rods to bottom baits and put those on some slit patches which I’ve fished from before.

“At around 2am the alarm signalled a steady take. As I pulled into it I felt weed. Steady tension on the rod and it slowly came free. It was just a dead weight with the odd few big lurches which nearly pulled me in twice.

“My friend Ben pushed the net underneath the fish and as I started removing the weed from around it a huge mirror stared back at me. A little red dot on the fish told me it was the Auntie Albert.”

Not content with that, Daniel moved to Yeoman’s Lake 24 hours later and took 22 fish including two thirties and three fish at once. “Best of all I caught a tan,” he joked.

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