Great week for tench topped by 11lb 2oz specimen

Tench fishermen across the nation are proving why you should be out there targeting the species this weekend as a string of specimens hit the bank – this 11lb 2oz fish the highlight.

Kevin Durman was rewarded for beginning his campaign a month ahead of schedule when he slipped the net under this impressive 11lb 2oz specimen.

One of the mildest winters on record prompted the Kent-based specialist to set his sights on Medway Valley Fisheries’ Larkfield complex and on his arrival he introduced six pints of pellets and maggots as well as three tins of Sonubaits Hemp and Krill.

The action came thick and fast and the first morning produced four fish to 7lb 4oz. The best was still to come, though, when he landed his first ever double and beat his old best of 9lb 13oz in the process using a simple in-line feeder set-up with three maggots mounted on a size 12 Korum hook.

“With it being so mild I started my tenching much earlier than I normally would. I really didn’t expect anything like this, I ended up with a new personal best and 14 other fish to 9lb 6oz,” Kevin told Angling Times.

Jason Rudge also set a new personal best for the species when he topped off a 24-fish haul with a 9lb 7oz specimen.

The Richworth Linear Fisheries Guy’s Lake syndicate bailiff fished simple inline maggot feeder tactics, but claimed the secret to his success was a groundbait mix made from seed and cutting compost bought from a local garden centre that he mixed with liquidised worms, maggots and corn.

“The compost is a great carrier for the liquids that I like to introduce into the swim,” explained Jason, who cast his rigs on the top of a bar at 40yds.

“At times I found it really difficult to keep three rods in the water, which just shows how effective using something a little different can be.”

Norfolk’s Bawburgh Lakes complex is one of the UK’s finest specimen tench fisheries and Andy Waters took advantage of its pedigree to bank a brace of male and female fish, both topping the scales at 8lb 1oz.

The pair fell to three grains of hair-rigged corn on a size 10 hook and 12lb braided hooklink in conjunction with a flatbed method feeder.

Further north, 19-year-old Ricky Cross banked his first ever tench in the shape of an 8lb 4oz fish during a session at the Earl of Harrington’s Angling Club’s Woodrow Pond.

He was actually targeting the venue’s carp when the fish picked up his 12mm pop-up hookbait mounted on a braided hooklink and a size 8 hook

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