Goulder's nine barbel topped by trio over 10lb

Former Drennan Cup holder, Darran Goulder, took full advantage of an in-form River Wye to land nine barbel, including three over the 10lb-barrier.

The Kent-based Fortis Eyewear boss made the trip to the Herefordshire waterway where he cast 4oz open end feeders filled with 6mm pellets and groundbait in to the main flow.

“Conditions were perfect – relatively mild with a couple of feet of floodwater,” he told Angling Times. “There was a fair amount of debris being washed downstream, but rather than using back leads I paid out a large bow in my 12lb Shimano Tribal Carp mainline which meant the fish couldn’t come in to contact with it.”

Darran successful set-up consisted of two 10mm Dynamite Baits The Source boilies wrapped in paste which he mounted on a size 6 wide gape hook and a 15lb braided hooklink.

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