Giant perch keep coming with two 4lb river fish

The sheer number of huge perch being caught by the nation’s anglers has shown no sign of slowing up following the capture of two separate 4lb 1oz river specimens.

Jamie Cartwright has banked numerous big perch already this season and he continued in the same vein when he banked a fish of 4lb 1oz along with four others weighing 3lb 13oz, 3lb 6oz, 2lb 14oz and 2lb 8oz during a session on the Great River Ouse.

The Northampton Specimen Group member, who compared the feeding habits of shoals of big perch to ‘a pack of hyenas’, kept the group of fish in his swim with the introduction of 200 lobworms and a pint of maggots. All of his fish were then taken on legered worms offered over the top on size 6 Kamasan B983 hooks and 0.15mm Reflo Power Line.

“I can totally understand why there are so many people targeting big perch as they are a perfect winter target -they are very obliging and can be caught on a wide range of methods,” Jamie told Angling Times.

“There was a time when I fished exclusively fished for carp, but it can get boring being too one dimensional so getting into targeting other species like perch has definitely made me a better angler.”

Dave Harman made the only bite during a session on his local river count when he also banked a perch weighing 4lb 1oz.

The Surrey-based specialist was walking his dog along the waterway and looking for likely chub and barbel swims when he spotted some big perch chasing small silver fish.

He returned a week later and trotted a small roach livebait on a size 10 Drennan Super Specialist  over a deep hole where the specimen was ambushing its prey.