George's fish at 48lb on last cast

Jon Taylor was all packed up on and on his way to his car when a leaping fish persuaded him to make one last cast.

Five minutes later he was locked in battle with his “number-one target” - a 48lb 4oz mirror known as George’s Fish.

The 40-year-old Benfleet angler explained how events unfolded at the Essex Manor: “As I was packed up and en route to the car park with my trolley I noticed a good fish show in an area of the lake that very rarely gets fished.

“I sat down in the swim for about 20 minutes to see if there were any more signs of moving fish when I saw the same fish discreetly break the surface about 10 yards from the bank.

“That was all I needed to see. I quickly re-set up one of my rods and flicked it out just to the left of where the fish showed. With the line slackened right off and the rod placed on a single bankstick I only had to wait five minutes before it tore off.
“After a short but powerful battle I slipped the net under one of the Manor's most-wanted A-Team members, George's Fish.

Jon added: “George's was my number-one target and a new PB for me to top it off. I was totally blown away and still am.”

Jon fished Sticky Krill boilies on a chod rig made with 20lb Korda Mouth Trap and a size 7 ESP Stiff Rigger.

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