Four thirties to 34lb 8oz from Cottington Lakes

Alternating between surface and bottom baits kept the action coming for Lewis Daneshi as he hauled at Kent’s Cottington Lakes.

The 28-year-old Londoner banked four thirties to 34lb 8oz in an 11-fish catch that also featured four twenties.

“I didn’t want to leave,” said Lewis, who adapted to changing conditions during his four-day stay.

He added: “It was no easy session as I had to make the changes when needed. I started the session off targeting island margins and this produced the biggest of the session at 34lb 8oz and a 22lb common. On the last two days the weather changed and so did my tactics, and all the other fish caught were off the surface and on zig rigs fishing a foot below the surface.”

Lewis used a range of Nash end tackle and fed 5kg of Carp Company Icelandic Red boilies and 10kg of Nash Riser Pellet and dog biscuits soaked in Carp Company Gold Corn Oil.

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