Four thirties in a fortnight

Bait boss Paul Rudd has been in fine form on his Cambridgeshire syndicate water in recent weeks, taking four thirties to 39lb 4oz.

Three of the fish came in the same 48-hour session, while the largest one was braced with a 27lb 4oz mirror.

The 39lb 4oz mirror fell to a running-lead setup during a 48-hour session. Paul, who runs Denham Baits, said: “I had it along with a 27lb 4oz mirror and both fish were caught using The Element corkball pop-ups fished over matching freebies. I used King of the Pond terminal tackle and 2oz running leads.”

A week later Paul returned to bank a trio of thirties weighing 30lb 10oz, 32lb 8oz and 36lb 2oz from the same venue, but not before he had blanked on the first night of the 48-hour session.

He said: “All of my bites came after blanking on the first night then moving into a new swim on a strengthening wind. All of them were caught on fluoro white Red Enzyme-flavoured pop-ups fished over Red Enzyme freebies by Denham Baits.”

Paul used King of the Pond SWG hooks and Stripbac braid to 15lb ESP Syncro XT mainline.

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