Four doubles in best bream catch of 2014

The introduction of over 70 balls of groundbait has accounted for the biggest specimen bream haul of 2014 – the highlight of which was this 12lb 12oz fish.

Following the end of the UK river season, Ted Bryan turned his attentions to the resident slabs in a southern stillwater and put out a large bed of crumb laced with pellets, hemp, corn and maggots.

Presenting popped-up Nashbaits Tangerine Dream boilies over the top, the Sydenham, London-based all-rounder took a total of nine fish, including three other doubles weighing in at 11lb 4oz, 10lb 10oz and 10lb 6oz.

The Nash Peg One consultant kept the shoal interested by topping up his swim with a few balls of groundbait after every couple of fish and all of his bites came to scaled-down carp rigs constructed with 2oz inline leads and 10lb hooklinks tied to size 10 Nash Fang hooks.

“When many anglers start to target bream at this time of the year they get the carp gear out with thick, heavy mainlines covered in lots of tubing, which make their rigs very bulky and their catch rates really suffer,” Ted told Angling Times.

“I fine down everything - from rods to hooklinks - and I don’t use any tubing whatsoever. I want everything about my set-up to be perfect for bream, which can be cute, especially on waters that are heavily fished.

“You can’t beat groundbait for laying a bed for this species especially when it’s loaded with small particles that keep them occupied for a long time. It’s vital to keep your swim topped up as I started off with 30 balls and then introduced the rest in two intervals during the 48-hour session. This holds the shoal in the swim and prevents them from drifting off because they can get through so much feed.”