Foreign carp removed from Cheshire fishery

Environment Agency fishery officers had a catch to remember after removing these three non-native silver and big head carp from a fishery in Cheshire.

The fish, which weighed around 40lb each, were removed from Shakerley Mere, near Knutsford, after a request was made by controlling club Lymm Angling. Both the big head and silver carp which can grow to 100lb in weight are native to China and the Eastern Asia regions and look very similar in appearance. As well as harming native species, bighead carp have an alarming response to danger, jumping out of the water, which can pose real risks of injury to boaters and anglers.

Andy Eaves, an Environment Agency fisheries officer, who was involved in the eradication, said:

“Fishery owners play a vital role in our work to tackle non-native species and we encourage any other clubs to contact us if they suspect they are present.”

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